Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Mosaic District

The Mosaic District, a mixed use development located in Merrifield is one of many projects occurring on Gallows Road near the Dunn Loring Metro station.  The first phase which opened in the fall of 2012 has already become a go to destination for the residents of Falls Church, Fairfax, Vienna and Annandale. The general consensus is that the Mosaic District has become an overwhelming success and the development's next phases look to be just as prosperous as its predecessors.

Map of full buildout curtesy of EYA
It might be hard to believe what once stood in the space that is now currently occupied by the development, but for years this area was home to: A Multiplex Cinemas, a U-Haul and a massive surface parking lot.  The Multiplex was long littered with crime and even had several incidences related to gang activity. However, the theater always remained active and busy as it was the only theater within close proximity to this area of Fairfax County. That all changed in late 2005 when Tysons Corner Center opened an addition to its existing mall that featured a 16 screen AMC theater. From then on business dwindled and by 2009 the Multiplex and the U-Haul had both been demolished.

Completed first phase
Today the area looks vastly different, with dozens of shops and restaurants lining a carefully engineered grid of streets. The Mosaic District essentially created an urban oasis directly in the middle of suburban Fairfax County.  With the Angelika Film Center and Target serving as anchors tenants, the Mosaic District has continued to draw in businesses with True Food Kitchen and Ted's Bulletin being the latest additions. As it currently stands the project also features about 720 apartments between the Vantage and Avalon Bay apartment communities as well as 120 townhomes by EYA.

Modera under construction
So whats next for the Mosaic District? Mill Creek Residential will build a 251 unit apartment building named Modera that will feature additional retail. Mosaic has been tight lipped about what retailers will occupy the new space but according to the Mill Creek website "The community will sit above 30,000 square feet of retail that is pre-leased and will be in operation prior to the delivery of the first homes". Aside from the new apartment building, EYA also has plans to build an additional 25 townhomes behind Modera and adjacent to its existing townhome community.

This is only the second phase of what potentially might be a 4 or 5 phase project but so far the project is an exemplary mixed use development, one that highlights urban features and architecture. The Mosaic District is just one of many projects that will mold and alter Gallows Road into more of an urban village or neighborhood.  If the initial phase is any indication, the Mosaic District will continue to provide an urban atmosphere in the heart of suburbia and help revamp this area of Fairfax County. Substantial completion is expected in early 2015.

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