Thursday, October 30, 2014

Top 10 Tallest Buildings in Northern Virginia

     It's no secret that the entire DC Metropolitan area has a relatively stump like quality when it comes to tall buildings. Have you noticed how DC is the only major city in the country that does not have skyscrapers? Or how most of the buildings in DC are relatively the same height? The reason for this? The Height of Buildings Act of 1910. This act passed by congress limited the heights of buildings in DC to 130ft thus giving DC a relatively uniform and more European looking skyline. The act came in response to the construction of the Cairo Hotel, which reached heights of 164ft. Many DC politicians feared that unregulated building heights would obstruct the view of the many monuments in the city. 

Cairo Hotel DC (Wikipedia)
     The result of this act caused the region's tallest buildings to shift out to the suburbs and in-turn aided to traffic congestion by spreading out business districts across the region and outside of downtown. Major employment centers such as the Rosslyn-Ballston Corridor, Alexandria, Tysons Corner, and Bethesda began to emerge. Tysons Corner alone is the 12th largest business district in the country and has more office space than that of the downtowns of Baltimore, Richmond and Norfolk combined.

     Rosslyn just across the Potomac in Arlington has traditionally been the location of the tallest buildings and currently has the region's tallest building (besides the Washington Monument). However, close proximity to Reagan National Airport limits heights at 400ft. Tysons Corner in Fairfax County stands to benefit from this and in the future will be home to area's first real skyscrapers.

     So without further ado here are the top 10 tallest buildings in Northern Virginia. Additionally, I added a few buildings that will eventually crack the Top 10 as they are either under construction or already approved.

Top 10 Tallest buildings in Northern Virginia
10. Ascent Residential Tower (2014)
Tysons Corner, VA
300ft tall
26 Floors
(Photo credit:Washington Post)

9. Turnberry Tower (2009)
Rosslyn, VA
312ft tall
27 Floors
(Photo credit: DaveMoya)

8. George Washington Masonic Memorial (1932)
Alexandria, VA
333ft tall
(Photo credit:Wikipedia)

7. Tysons Tower (2014)
Tysons Corner, VA
22 Floors
(Photo credit: Tysons Corner Center)
6. Hilton Alexandria Mark Center (1987)
Alexandria, VA
338ft tall
30 Floors
(Photo credit:
5. Tysons Vita (Dec 2014 or Jan 2015)
Tysons Corner, VA
350ft tall
30 Floors
(Photo credit: Dan Malouff Greatergreaterwashington)

4. One Skyline Tower (1988)
Falls Church, VA
364ft tall
26 Floors
(Photo credit: Stock Photo Showcase)

2-3. Rosslyn Twin Towers (1980-1982)
Rosslyn, VA
381 ft tall
26-27 Floors
(Photo credit Mohamed Hadid)

1. 1812 North Moore (2013)
Rosslyn, VA
35 Floors
(American Builders Quarterly)

Future buildings
Capital One HQ (2017)
Tysons Corner, VA
470ft. Tall
(Image curtesy of Capital One)

Central Place Office and Residential Towers (2016-2017)
Rosslyn, VA
390/380ft Tall
(MetroDC Living)

Elan Tower (2016)
Tysons Corner, VA
360ft Tall
(Image Curtesy of Delta Associates)


  1. Thanks for this great write up.

    I was wondering if you knew how tall the National Science Foundation will be, as well as Park Meridian.

    From what I seen on line, Park Meridian will be 25 stories. NSF 19. But I noticed that NSF has some taller levels.

    Do you know each of their heights in feet? They are close to topping off.

  2. i would like to say it's just amazing i was wondering how builders made these Tallest Buildings in the World for me it's unpredictable to complete this huge project